Luke Combs Releasing New Music May 8th

Credit: YouTube/Luke Combs

5 singles… 5 chart-toppers. Can Luke Combs continue this?

We will find out soon enough.

It all started out with a 2-word tweet:

Just one week after that tweet, Combs dropped another bomb on us. No new music this year. Thankfully… Luke Combs has jokes people!

JK, ROTFLMAO, not funny Luke… NOT funny at all.

The fifth release off his ‘This One’s For You’ album ‘Beautiful Crazy’ spent multiple weeks at #1.

On 5/8 we will get a sample sound off the Charlotte, NC native’s upcoming sophomore album. This next release from Combs is something he’s had in the hopper for over 18 months, as he has preformed it as early as January, 2018.

Take a listen…


Easy math here 5+1=6… Six strait Number 1’s for Combs after this one.  Keep on keepin’ on man… what a run.