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Luke Bryan’s pranks continue as he and his wife take turns “goosing” his mom, LeClair

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ABC/Randy Holmes

You’ve heard of “Pranksmas,” Luke Bryan’s annual family tradition of celebrating the holiday season with a series of pranks on unsuspecting family members. Now, meet the “Summer of the Goose”!

Over the past couple of days, the singer and his wife, Caroline, have been taking turns trying out their new favorite prank: Goosing, a.k.a. poking or pinching somebody in the butt when they least expect it. The target, in this case, is Luke’s mom LeClair, who is a social media star in her own right and frequently takes part in the family’s prank wars.

Caroline got her “goosing” in during a family trip to the beach, taking advantage of the perfect moment when LeClair bent over to adjust her beach chair. Her mother-in-law immediately retaliated, smacking Caroline in the head before returning to her seat.

“Couldn’t resist…I had to goose her! Sorry Hurricane Salem!!” Caroline wrote in the caption of her post.

For his part, Luke took an opportune moment to goose his mom when she was bending over putting groceries in the fridge. “Summer of the Goose!” he wrote alongside his post.

More than likely, LeClair will soon get her revenge. Past prank wars prove that the country star’s mom can dish it out just as well as she can take it.

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