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Luke Bryan wants you to drink any beer you like, as long as it’s Two Lane

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Sure, Luke Bryan‘s a country superstar, the reigning ACM Entertainer of the Year, and an American Idol judge. But the Georgia Southern graduate with a business management degree is also an entrepreneur, with his own Music City honky tonk, Luke’s 32 Bridge, and a host of other endeavors. 

Now you can add his own beer, Two Lane, to the list. Introduced right before the pandemic, it’s now getting a re-launch — and Luke’s pretty excited about it.

“It’s totally the same feeling of hearing your song for the first time on the radio,” he reflects. “I’m walking through Publix, I’m looking through the aisles and there it is. Obviously, I had to buy a couple 12 packs.”

He continues, “But the funny thing…all you want to do is walk around the stores and just tell everybody, ‘This is my beer I’m buying.'”

The “Waves” hitmaker even admits to getting a little starstruck about it.

“A couple of weeks ago, I’m driving down I-65 and I see a Two Lane billboard on the highway,” he recalls. “And I freaked out, called everybody up.”

He goes on: “And then I was at my son’s basketball game and one of the mothers walked out of the basketball game wearing a Two Lane hat. It’s kind of like when I see somebody with my merchandise on out somewhere, you wanna have a little fun with them.”

Back home at Luke’s farm, all other beers have been banished.

“It’s… kind of like what Henry Ford said about the Model T,” he jokes. “‘You can have any color you want, as long as it’s black.’ Well, at my farm, you can drink any beer you want as long as it’s Two Lane.”

Two Lane also is available in four flavors of Hard Seltzer.

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