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Locally Sourced Hand Sanitizer

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If you have attempted to purchase hand sanitizer in the last month, you know it is impossible to find in stores. So it is great news when local businesses team up to bring a new solution to the problem. The two businesses are Jack Pine Brewing in Baxter, and the new Five Rocks Distilling Co. in Northeast Brainerd.

A GoFund Me page was organized by Jack Pine Brewing and i s now active to support the local creation of hand sanitizer for the Brainerd Lakes Area!  

Using alcohol-based hand sanitizer is a CDC-approved method of preventing the spread of disease, including COVID-19. Particularly important in settings where hand washing with soap and water is impractical or impossible, hand sanitizer plays a critical role in reducing the spread of coronavirus. 

The goal of the project is to provide hand sanitizer to essential businesses first. Then, any extra product will be available to the general public. 

They are hoping to provide this sanitizer as affordably as possible.  The two small businesses have a limited capacity and resources at this time. To help cover the costs of materials and utilites, we are asking for a $25 donation per gallon of sanitizer. While this will help defray some of the costs of production, they would like to make as much as possible as quickly as possible.  In order to do this, they need some seed money to keep the process rolling and get them the materials needed up front to get the first few batches going. 

Generous donations from Cub Foods, Trident Seafood, and Lallemand Yeast are available to get the first few batches in the works, but they rolling out production so they can supply everyone that has expressed an immediate need. They would like to secure enough donations to keep the supply chain going and either reduce the cost or increase our donations to the public or non-profit organizations that are in need of sanitizer.

The sanitizer comes in 1-gallon jugs — the sanitizer is liquid and most efficient when sprayed. 

​NOTE: Hand sanitizer is scarce. Your help can make sure they can serve as many people and organizations as possible.

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