Little Big Town Asks Kelsea Ballerini To Join Grand Ole Opry In Epic Fashion

Photo Credit- Kelsea Ballerini/YouTube

So last night in Nashville, there was a star-studded lineup at the Grand Ole Opry, and the night included an invitation to one of country’s most popular artists to join…

Last night, the Opry lineup was stacked with new artist Tenille Towns, Montgomery Gentry, Scotty McCreery, Chris Janson, Kelsea Ballerini and Little Big Town all performing.

I watch when artists get asked to join the Opry and I always feel like the individuals ‘surprised’ must have an idea that they were going to be asked. Traditionally, they will have an idol of theirs come on stage to sing a song and the idol will chat a bit and drop the question.

During LBT’s set they brought back Ballerini, and the tie-in was spectacular because nearly 4 years ago Kelsea did a cover of ‘Girl Crush’…

So the set-up was for her to sing it with the quartet. Then they dropped the bomb.

I’m not tearing up… No, I’m not. I just have something in my eye.

The 25 year-old’s latest radio single ‘Miss Me More’ is approaching Top-10 status and she is set to venture out on her own headlining tour with a stop in Duluth on Thursday, May 9th.

Congratulations to Kelsea Ballerini on being invited to be the 194th member of the Opry.