Let’s Get Ready To Shovel!!! 6-18 Inches Possible for Brainerd Area By Friday.

NWS 04092019
Credit: National Weather Service

It’s the time of the year that we are in full spring mode, but alas need to temper our excitement. Our annual April storm is approaching…

You want to know how much we are going to get… it depends on which weather model you look at. Here is the Twin Cities:


And here is Duluth NWS:


Either way, we are looking at rain Wednesday night transitioning to rain/snow mix and then full blown snow Thursday-Friday morning.

This isn’t a shock, we tend to get a good April snow storm nearly every year. Last April 13th-16th we had anywhere from 12-15 inches. Somehow it all melted and life moved on. As it will later this week.

See it as an extra day or two the kids get to play in the snow. Or an extra shoveling workout you get! See how one can put a positive spin on this?

Oh how I hate snow…