Credit: Jon Pardi/YouTube

Jon Pardi Releases Music Video For Brand New Single ‘Night Shift’

Jon Pardi has released a music video for ‘Night Shift’, which is his fifth single off his sophomore album California Sunrise.

When this album came out, this was the song I kept going back to. Needless to say I’m excited that Pardi decided to release it as a single. You usually don’t get into a fifth single off an album, but I’m not complaining. “Night Shift” follows “Head Over Boots,” “Dirt on My Boots,” “Heartache on the Dance Floor” and “She Ain’t in It,” as singles off Pardi’s California Sunrise album.

I’ll say this for Pardi, in a landscape where you see more and more artists going away from the traditional country music look, it’s refreshing to see someone look like they have George Strait’s designer.

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