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Johnny Cash Was In The House At The Gichii Ziibi

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Church Was in Full Session Friday Night

Friday night CLC Performing arts and B93.3/Hubbardradio Brainerd presented The Church of Cash at the Gichi Ziibi Perfoming Arts Center.

The evening began with an opening performance by Amanda Grace, a Midwest Country Music Atrist out of the Winona area. Amanda plays a mix of contemporary folk and country. The singer songwriter  got the evening going with about a 45 minute set of original music.


The Church of Cash took over the stage around 7:30 and wowed the audience with a collection of some of Johnny Cash’s biggest hits. Jay Ernest, who is Johnny Cash in this world class tribute show, embraces every essence of what it would be like to have Johnny himself perform on the stage of the Gichi Ziibi. Jay says that out of the some 1500 songs that Johnny Cash produced over his career, they play or know at least 200. As much as our Brainerd audience would have enjoyed hearing all 200, songs we would still be there. So through the night they brought us some of the biggest hits and most familiar favorites.


The Johnny Cash tribute show performed by singer Jay Ernest and his band is an unforgettable experience that brings the music of the Man in Black to life. Jay Ernest’s deep, resonant voice sounds remarkably like Cash’s, and he captured the essence of the legendary performer with his dynamic stage presence.

The show featured an electrifying setlist that includes all of Cash’s greatest hits, from “I Walk the Line” to “Ring of Fire” and beyond. The band’s musicianship is impeccable, and they created an authentic sound that’s true to Cash’s original recordings.

In addition to the music, the show included captivating stories and anecdotes about Cash’s life and career, adding an extra dimension of entertainment and education for audiences of all ages. The performance iwas clearly designed to appeal to both long-time Cash fans and newcomers to his music, and it was definately the perfect night out for families, couples, and friends.

Jay Ernest and his band have toured nationally and internationally, winning over audiences in all corners of the globe. Whether you were in the front row or the back of the Gichi Ziibi Friday night, you were swept up in the energy and emotion of this amazing tribute show.


Wild Bill Satre and Noelle at Night from B93.3 was onhand broadcsting from the lobby. We were preparing our B93.3 Church of Cash app ticket winners for the opportunity to win the grand prize. Inside of the four B93.3/Iconic Fest mugs on the table were slips of paper. Only one slip was a trip fro two to Nashville, TN to see the Johnny Cash Museum, rated the number one music museum in America by USA Today.


Congratulations to Renee Hix of Pillager who picked the right mug at the intermission contest and won the trip to Nashville. Renee and a guest will receive air fare and hotel plus admission to the Johnny Cash Museaum from Today’s Best Country B93.3.