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Jameson Rodgers already feels like a seasoned pro at being married

Columbia Nashville/River House Artists

It might be too soon to predict how Jameson Rodgers will enjoy married life, but after tying the knot with longtime girlfriend Sarah Allison Turner on September 5, he says he is loving everything about being a husband so far.

“It’s been good,” Jameson tells Lyric magazine. “Nothing feels different. I’ve been dating Sarah for six years now and I’ve known her for 10, so I already know every bad thing about her already. It’s all good!”

Jameson has plenty of other things to celebrate besides his new relationship status, including his recent number-one hit, “Some Girls.” The song is from his recently released debut album, Bet You’re from a Small Town.

“It definitely changes things,” he says of the song’s success. “Absolutely. You have more fans at shows and it makes them a little more fun because people know your songs now.

“The more success you have, the more street cred you get,” he adds with a laugh.

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