Is There More To The St. Cloud School Lunch Photo Gone Viral?

fb lunch

I am not going to sit here and lie, Italian Dunkers Day when I was in high school was one of my favorite lunches. But they didn’t look like this…

Baby carrots, packaged marinara sauce and a hot dog bun topped with shredded cheese. Not all that appetizing. Not the Dunker Day I remember and looked forward to. Although, when I see this picture, the realist in me wonders… is there more to the story?

There had to be a fruit offered, did they decline it? Were there other options that were bypassed for the dunkers? (See below) Was this the same meal offered to all students or perhaps did the cooks run out of regular dunkers and had to resort to MacGyver-ing it with what they had?  All valid questions.

ISD 742 did the right thing and ate the humble pie…


So I fired up the google machine and searched out ISD 742 Lunch Menu. Here is what was offered Friday:

13 Fri

italian dunkers.jpg  Complete

So….. students had 4 choices. Plus, drumroll….

Assorted Sandwich Choices

One of the funny things to me is that, even on the sample photo.. it was a hotdog bun with melted cheese. So, everyone knew what they were getting!

In the end, was what was on the tray unappetizing, sure. Was there more to be offered, absolutely!

Man… all this Italian Dunker talk is making me hungry!