Is Brooks & Dunn Coming Out With New Music In 2019?

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Photo Credit: Brooks and Dunn/YouTube

Keeping my “I Spy” series national again… My puzzle piecing skills have me thinking Brooks & Dunn will be dropping new music in 2019. And it might be as soon as this week!

We know the Brooks & Dunn story. One of, if not the biggest duo in country music history… Together for 20 wildly successful years. Twenty #1 songs and another 19 reached Top tens. Then things headed south.  Now… they spun it as a ‘retirement’ on ‘good terms’ but it’s no secret that they recorded their last album in separate studios with separate producers.  That’s not good terms, that’s a breakup. In fact, that’s an ‘I’m throwing out all the clothes you left at my place, going to the bar tonight and hoping your best friend is there’ kinda breakup.

Ten years later, hints of a re-kindling is brewing. First off, they are already signed for a handful of music festivals this summer- including August 1st @ WeFest.

Luke Combs wore a B&D shirt to kick off his tour this past weekend and then tweeted this:

The Reboot is coming?  Could it be more than a tour or song?  Maybe a full record?! Is a collaboration with Combs on the table?

Finally, the nationally-syndicated Bobby Bones Show is having Ronnie and Kix in studio Friday morning. Let me put it this way… No ‘retired’ singer gets up before the crack of dawn to go on a national radio show unless there is something in it for them. 

It’s crystal clear to me… Brooks & Dunn are coming back.

Kinda makes this guy feel like a Brand New Man.