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Is Anyone Else Having Issues With Getting Their Mail In The Brainerd Area?

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First off, I want this to be clear that I am not bringing down the USPS here. What they do on a day-to-day basis is 10x more grueling that what I do. I simply want to know if I am one of the only ones who is having issues getting my mail lately.

I live just outside of Brainerd in the Northtown area and as of the time of this writing (December 28th), I’ve gotten my USPS mail once in the last 7 business days.

There are several reasons why mail may be slow in the area. One reason could be the volume of mail that the local post office is handling. More volume = more time. Severe weather conditions can also impact the speed of mail delivery. With the recent snow storms, I have to assume that mail delivery was drastically impacted by the snowfall.

Finally, the postal service may be experiencing staffing shortages or other operational issues, which can also contribute to slower mail delivery. I’m sure it will all get back to a more normal mail routine after the start of the new year.