Inmate Who Escaped In Wadena Apprehended


After a little more than a day, it looks like Ryan Petro was apprehended in Wadena Tuesday night after escaping custody during transition into court at the Wadena County Courthouse Monday afternoon.

According to the Forum News Service, the Wadena County Sheriff’s Office reported that Petro was no longer in handcuffs when apprehended. It was also noted that there were over two dozen reported sightings of Petro that were called in by area residents.[0]=68.ARDq7rLExrwBDPd11TKdiUlt-URNCRt_01PFMrifkRyUZoleKKvKUuO11-GPg-l_hWDuUAxPBI7tadXE45-I4EyHtSPB2ayQ9zvBPXFd3SdHkgHdFv8j2WjuCeMeLcRK8N1Xon8dL7SsQmViztzTJQDq7pi2Rf0fqMlHOT5qV8-51gjAkllRL5gCk0IL59TA4KaYwTgxjaFM3DTdqtR972xkltMlsy2MkP7Z1KDI_G5M21Ka1fqOQ5BFpVt6utBX5a3MipcKNqsyMjvkYavXIRIAUeseBKQHmNSmpLfBU92Uzn7KG6untjisuZ_18SWjsIbeWWhyYebD5JnC6_FrfQ&__tn__=-R