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“I’m still sore from this”: Thomas Rhett signs albums while planking

Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett has found a creative way to sign albums for fans! 

Just one week shy of the release of his new album, Where We Started, the hit singer is literally taking to the floor in preparation. On Friday, Thomas shared a video of himself in the plank position as he signs multiple copies of the album. 

“Thought I would see how many I could sign one-handed planks. Might as well get a work out in,” Thomas struggles to say as he balances on his hands and feet with a pen in hand, autographing a row of albums. “Oh, I’m out of shape,” he quips, hopping from one album cover to the next. 

“I’m still sore from this,” he admits in the caption of the humorous video. 

The superstar is set to drop Where We Started on April 1. Its lead single, “Slow Down Summer,” is in the top 20 of the country charts. His forthcoming headlining Bring the Bar to You Tour with Parker McCollum and Conner Smith will run from June through October.

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