I Spy With My Little Eye- Is Giovanni’s Pizza In Brainerd Coming Back?

In my spare time I double as a private investigator. My latest case has me slicing to the conclusion that Giovanni’s in Brainerd will be re-opening.

I like to think I’m good at putting pieces of a puzzle together. Here are the pieces I have to work with about Gio’s re-opening…

1. On my way into work yesterday I saw a slew of vehicles from a local beverage vendor (no free plugs) parked nearby.

2. I noticed the front door is still papered off as to not spoil any remodel suprises.

3. There appears to be a new Facebook page that alludes to a December opening under new ownership.

I know, I know… I need to get into this investigator thing full-time. I’m good. And excited for one of my favorite lunch spots to return!

I’m thinking pizza… Soon we can think Giovanni’s (again).

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