Brainerd Area News

I Spy… A New Restaurant And Hotel Opening In South Brainerd


My keen eye and resourcefulness have struck again.  Okay, okay, I drove by and saw a new restaurant sign and commenced to putting pieces of this 2-piece puzzle together…

A new restaurant and hotel appear to be set to open in a few weeks in south Brainerd.

There is a bit of makeup being applied to the former Holiday Inn/Ramada Inn on South 6th Street. It is being re-branded as a Quality Inn & Suites/EconoLodge New signs went up yesterday. A represenative from Choice Hotels stated that the hotel has an expected open date of December 31st.

Attached to the hotel is a restaurant that has gone by many names in the past… Green Mill, the spectacularly delicious Ranatas Italian Restaurant and lastly Brainerd Cafe. Signage has gone up in the last couple weeks re-naming that eatery Brainerd Family Restaurant.

Living in that part of town, I want nothing but the best for Brainerd Family Restaurant. I wish they would have re-opened it as Ranatas, nonetheless I do hope they intend to leave the bar area since it would be nice to have a watering hole close by.