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“I Go Back”: “Half of My Hometown” means big things to Kelsea Ballerini


In 2004, Kenny Chesney was riding high with the retrospective “I Go Back,” the latest in his string of hits that would make him a superstar.

Little did he know, another native of East Tennessee, Kelsea Ballerini, was paying attention. 

“It’s so crazy” she tells ABC Audio, “like I remember driving around listening to ‘I Go Back’ when that was his single and thinking it was the craziest thing that he was singing a song about Knoxville. And I was living in Knoxville.”

“And I just thought it was so crazy that someone that came from the town that I was living in was doing that, something so big with their life,” she continues. 

Now, Kelsea herself is doing big things with her own life, as the chart-topping female vocalist has her own song about where she grew up, “Half of My Hometown,” complete with vocals from none other than Mr. Chesney himself. 

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