Hello Potholes My Old Friend

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photo credit: OregonDOT via photopin

We sometimes forget this destructive season between winter and spring. It’s pothole time!!!

There is nothing quite as demoralizing as running through one of these puppies. The quick, hard thhhh-thuuump followed by us holding our breath in hopes that we didn’t pop a tire or two. 5 seconds later, seems line all the tires still have air. Success! Oh, wait… here come two more. It can be tough to avoid them, especially in high-traffic areas where switching lanes on a dime isn’t feasible. How exactly do these craters get so deep?

Simple… Rainwater or melting snow seeps into any little crack in the roadway that it can. Low temps cause that moisture to freeze, thus expanding the cracks, creating even more cracks. Passing vehicles and more melting snowy goodness compounds the already weak surface, eventually leading to parts of the roadway breaking off and exposing the nether-regions of the roadway. There you go- Pothole 101.

So, this week’s weather is going to make it prime picking for pothole formation. One just has to drive a bit slower, and be ready to get your swerve on.