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It’s Not Too Late To Grow Up To Be A Fireman


At the age of ten I wanted nothing more than to drive a firetruck. All through grade school when someone would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was fire fighter. The opportunity has come in the form of an opening for paid on call fire fighters with in the Brainerd Fire Department. 

Tonight at 6:30 there will be an informal meeting at the Laurel Street Station. Staff will be on hand to answer questions. This meeting is optional, however the deadline to get the application in is Friday the 12th of April. There is more info at the city website:

You may apply online or in person at the fire hall at 23 Laurel Street in downtown Brainerd. This may be the chance to answer the call that your 10 year old self wanted all those years ago.

So if your good with Dalmatians, rescuing cats from trees, driving the biggest ladder truck in the county, singing The Fireman by George Strait badly in karaoke, wearing suspenders and just being at that everyday superhero, then this is the job you’re looking for. Even if all of those things don’t apply to you, go to the meeting tonight and find out. There will be required testing April 27th.