The Weekend That Game Of Thrones Fans Have Been Waiting For

It’s been nearly 600 days since it was revealed without doubt, that R+L=J and that a relationship between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targarian would be, well, icky. For the past 20 months we have been waiting to find out what happens now that the invaders from north of the wall have begun to march on Westeros. 

We have been waiting, sometime not so patiently, for an epic battle that has been in the works for the past nine years. (Even longer for those who read the books.) Theories have been posted on countless sites about countless characters both dead and alive. If you were hoping to get caught up on the 67 episodes before the beginning of the finale season your time is up!  

If you need to cram before the show Sunday I found some helpful sites for you. USA Today has posted some suggestions on the prime episodes to get caught up with here today

Buzzfeed also got into the fray (not Frey) with their “52 Things To Remember From The Season 7 Finale.”