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Forestview Middle School Teacher Submits Resignation After Social Media Comments


On Wednesday night, Forestview Middle School Art Teacher Kara Hall submitted her resignation from teaching within Brainerd Public Schools.

According to a press release sent out from Brainerd Public Schools Superintendent Laine Larson, Hall submitted her resignation on June 3rd. Larson recommended to the Board of Education that they accept the resignation at the meeting scheduled for Monday, June 8th. 

You can read the entire press release below.

On Thursday, June 4th, Hall released a statement that was seen in the Brainerd Dispatch.

“I am sincerely apologetic for the outrage and pain I have caused this great community by my inappropriate comments to Kali Erin Wolhart on Facebook. I have respectfully resigned from my position after teaching middle school visual arts for the past 18 years. We tell our students to think before they speak, that words matter, and what we say will have consequences. I did not practice what I preached. Ms. Wolhart is a former student with whom I have maintained a positive relationship over the years, and I am deeply saddened by the impact of this situation on that relationship.

“Like most people in America, I was horrified by the murder of George Floyd. I included that statement in her post; an important piece she neglected to share. I believe in justice and equality, and recognize this terrible act is reflective of how far we have to go to achieve that goal. The posts that were widely shared regarding the aftermath of this unjust act did not reflect my care and concern for those most impacted. My words were terribly wrong. They were typed in a heated moment that I regret. Not because I lost a career I valued, but because it hurt community members and students for whom I have great respect and truly care about. I hope they will forgive me and give me a chance to move forward in a positive way. I want all of my students to know they mattered, and will always matter.”