Bill Satre

For Many Working At Home Is Better


Now that more people have had a chance to telecommute from home, many don’t want to go back.  After the crisis is over, whenever that is, will everyone want to go back to the offrice? Nope.

In fact a new survey talked to 1,000 people who’d never worked from home before the virus hit. The majority of them want to keep doing it. According to Metova, 57% said they’d prefer to continue working from home in the future.  

Would productivity be compromised? Not everyone thinks it would. 48% think that they are more productive at home. There were 29% who said they were less productive.

With so many able to work from home during the pandemic, 76% of people are using Zoom or other video conferencing apps on a daily basis. Many have never used these services before.

It’s not as if they are without coworkers. 68% said at least one other person in their household is also working from home right now. If they have kids there may also be homeschooling and distance learning happening there too.

54% of the new at-home workforce has had to upgrade their tech in some way. Like replacing their computer, buying a printer, or upgrading their webcam for all of those 8 am sales meetings. When all of this new tech doesn’t do what they need, who do they miss the most? The I.T. department of course. a whopping 53% said that they’ve experienced glitches during video calls , and things like their audio dropping out.

Another survey from YouGov asked people to list the top challenges and benefits that come with it. 

-Family members or roommates won’t stop distracting you.
-Keeping in touch with co-workers.
-Setting up a decent workspace.
-Balancing your work life and your home life, but keeping them separate.
-It’s harder to focus in general.

But for many the benefits outweigh the issues.

-No Commute.
-You can wear whatever you want.
-You’re automatically social distancing.
-You can take care of minor household tasks during the work day.
-Your hours are more flexible, because no one’s keeping an eye on you.