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Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley + his wife want kids someday, “if it’s in God’s plan”

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John Shearer/Getty Images for Florida Georgia Line

Brittney Kelley, wife of Florida Georgia Line band mate Brian Kelley, opened up this week to curious fans wondering if the couple ever plan to have children. 

While answering fan questions on her Instagram stories, Brittney came across a follower who asked, “Do you want kiddos one day?” 

“If it’s in God’s plan we do!” Brittney replied, according to People. “I’ve been off birth control for over 5 years and we are definitely practicing but not actively ‘trying.’”

The couple aren’t putting too much pressure on themselves to rush into parenthood, Brittney explained, adding that she won’t put up with pressure from anyone else, either. 

“Not everyone is just able to get pregnant that easily! I’ve been getting this question since the day we got married 8 years ago, which shouldn’t be the case,” she points out. “We shouldn’t pressure women into answering because honestly WHO REALLY KNOWS other than God?”

Plus, Brittney says, she and Brian are enjoying their life as it is right now. “We feel at peace if kids aren’t in the plan for us,” she notes. “We REALLY enjoy our life & being without kids right now! It’s really freeing & fun being an adult & doing whatever you want in this chapter!” 

Speaking of fun, Brian and his FGL band mate Tyler Hubbard are currently celebrating a big milestone with their pal and musical collaborator, Chase Rice. They just marked a second week at the top of the country charts with their duet single, “Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen.” 

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