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Fishin’ Paul Bunyan Country: Best Of Week–Former Bemidji State Professor Don Cloutman On BSU’s Contribution To Northland Tackle

When Northland Tackle created their famous line of Impulse Baits, they enlisted the help of Bemidji State Professor Dr. Don Cloutman and the BSU Aquatic Biology Department to create the scent that makes them so effective. Kev Jackson talked with Dr. Cloutman several years ago about how Northland & BSU came together and the process of creating the Impulse Baits. By the way, it was this interview that got Kev interested in creating “Ask The Aquatic Biologist” with current BSU Aquatic Biology Professor Dr. Andy Hafs. Covid and the changes it brought to Bemidji State and everyone this spring more or less eliminated it this year, but it WILL be back (as long as the good doctor is willing, of course).