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“Drink a Beer”: Luke Bryan shares favorite memories with his dad

Luke Bryan

With Father’s Day just around the corner, Luke Bryan is looking back on some of his cherished memories with his father, Tommy Bryan.

Growing up, Luke’s parents owned and worked a peanut farm in Georgia. The country superstar recalls how his father would wind down after working with a beer, the two often taking to the water together.

“I had a Southern dad worked in agriculture and at the end of the day, he would drink a beer every afternoon,” Luke reflects. “Sitting on a fishing boat with him enjoying a Two Lane, that’s like the top of the mountain in beer drinking, floating down a river with your pop sharing a beer.” 

Luke channeled those memories into his own brand of beer and hard seltzers called Two Lane. The singer’s poignant single, “Drink a Beer,” which he connected to the loss of his brother Chris and sister Kelly, became his seventh #1 hit in 2014.

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