Do You Recognize This Burglar? Crow Wing Sheriff’s Office Looking For Public’s Help

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Crow Wing County Sheriff Scott Goddard is asking for the public’s help in locating a burglar that broke into a Garrison home.

The crime occurred Sunday, February 3rd at 12:38pm, take a look:[0]=68.ARD4FS3Z-jHlyMG3DgvYoAVrcCSqUmb8dyQz2P7VC6ii6q2ph3wTSLQ86M7av54v1B8lWaRRJlfO_TQSH1taeb7yUyj2hJCiB3BCx8l_saVLJ2smm1mX42VStvReb8w4Y7bMK9I9NRtJaMLRK9LjsDostb_3akY-ZdvSv2znww-PszfkfQJrwuig-PZDK3tqsrWch5ltiSqbj57tkE8ds0atENkHuUeuCrIYkkC4QNYAOq2b-AIGExd_vGfwVZVhlM6Bqion7Gc_Djrk7uBz4W1otJJbNOvIdWrOUMdHgGQ2Bjp6G4mFk8swWJh0-zfOguB21kkFMgqXcud_Bv3-DGVTFemcur3_eN4&__tn__=-R

The suspect looks to be a tall, thin male with what could be a “birthmark” on his left jawline.

Seems to me and my CSI skills this guy has been in the home before. He goes right to where he believes something valuable is. No stopping in the kitchen to check the cookie jar. Beeline right to the goods. Doesn’t seem to be all that alarmed with the alarm either.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Office at 218-829-4749.

Brings meaning to the term ‘guts of a burglar’.