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Dierks Bentley keeps the “Beers” party rolling, inviting Breland to join him on tour

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Connie Chronuk/ABC

Dierks Bentley is adding another star opener to his 2021 Beers on Me Tour rotation. 

After previously announcing supporting acts Riley Green and Parker McCollum, the singer revealed that he’s adding hotshot up-and-comer Breland to the lineup for select dates, beginning with a small handful of performances in late August.

Along with Hardy, Breland is a guest vocalist on Dierks’ new single, “Beers on Me,” which lends its name to the tour. 

Now that he’s officially joining Dierks on the road, the two singers shared a sneak peek of their live performance of the song to get fans excited about the upcoming dates ahead.

“Breland shines out there and fans are really loving what he brings to the party,” Dierks explains. “I’ve had him open a few shows the last few weeks, and I really just didn’t want him to leave. I love watching him convert people who may not be that familiar with him into big fans. Of course, I want to help him build his career however I can, but he’s also helping me! His energy is joyful and contagious.” 

The Beers on Me Tour continues with a stop in California this Friday, and is scheduled to run through October. 

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