Did Anyone Else Notice McDonald’s Inside Walmart In Baxter Closed?


Poof, Gone… Just like that. The McDonald’s restaurant inside the Walmart in Baxter has closed.

I ran in quick to grab a couple of things and noticed the gate was down and they had been painting. At first I thought the eatery was just getting a face-lift, but on my way out I noticed this sign.

Goodbye golden arches. A 15-year run is no longer… Whether or not you were a fan of the fast-food outlet or not… nonetheless, they seem to be keeping the employees on the job, just at the two Brainerd locations now.

Back in 2018, Walmart corporate stated they were leaning toward creating Walmart Town Centers which would host a variety of food and/or beverage options.

Shot in the dark here… I wouldn’t be surprised to see another Caribou Coffee pop up in this former McDonald’s.