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Dennis Drummond Wine Company Approved For Production

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The Dennis Drummond Wine Company of Brainerd has been waiting over two years to get approval to begin making their own wine here in the lakes area. Thursday afternoon that wait finally paid off.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture gave them the green light to purchase the juices needed to begin making their own wines.

The local winery located at 11919 Thiesse Road and Minnesota Highway 25 has been in business for nearly two years. The goal was always to produce their own brand of wine in the facility that also includes a bistro and events center. The couple has combined their extensive experience in wineries and restaurants together to build this venture of their own.

Currently, they are able to bring wines produced from wineries that belong to friends of theirs from the Napa and Sonoma areas of California to be enjoyed here in the lakes area. Soon those wines will be accompanied by a variety of signature wines including a Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, produced locally for the first time.

Photo by: Verna Thompson of Hubbard Radio

Dennis and Jody Drummond, Owners of the winery receiving permission from the state of Minnesota to begin production of wine here in the Brainerd Lakes Area.