Country Legend Bill Anderson Celebrates Christmas In A Waffle House

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Photo Credit: Bill Anderson/YouTube

Could you make the Waffle House your Christmas tradition?

Grand Ole Opry legend Bill Anderson just released the video to his Christmas song, “Waffle House Christmas.” The song is about how you could end up at the Waffle House for Christmas after a series of events at home, made the traditional Christmas gathering not possible. So they head down to the Waffle House where they find other people with circumstances that brings everyone together, including some special guests. Along with Bill Anderson, it stars Tanya Tucker, Gretchen Wilson and Kid Rock who is pretending to be a short order cook… and not a very good one. He spends most of the time eating off of the customers plates.

It’s far different from my own Waffle House Christmas Eve we enjoyed. We were on the way to Mesa Arizona for Christmas with my in-laws and were driving through the night. We stopped at a Waffle House in Amarillo, Texas, right off of I-40, at 2am on Christmas Eve. It was just our family of four and the staff of two. It was VERY quiet and thankfully the cook wasn’t Kid Rock. I don’t think I would intentionally make it a holiday tradition, but we were sure glad it was open all night on Christmas Eve.