Bill Satre

Could National Trick Or Treat Day Replace Halloween?


There’s a New Plan to Make “National Trick or Treat Day” Replace The Traditional Halloween Celebration.

Earlier this year we told you about a petition on with more than 150,000 signatures to get the government to officially move the date of Halloween from October 31st to the last Saturday in October.

But it doesn’t look like the date change is happening, so the people behind it are trying a new strategy:  Rather than moving Halloween, they want to make a new holiday.

It would be called National Trick or Treat Day, and it would be on the final Saturday of October.

And it’s been added to the National Day Calendar website, for whatever that’s worth.

But does it have a chance of catching on and becoming a real thing?  I guess we’ll see.  Or everyone will totally forget about this after Thursday and won’t remember until roughly next September. 

When Halloween falls on a weekday, it brings up the question of how to make the holiday less distracting for students.  Is staying up late and going out trick or treating on a school night too much for young children?

There were many people out dressed up on the Saturday night before Halloween this year. There are also many events planned for next weekend the weekend after the actual Halloween. I would be in favor of making it a week long event and party up both weekend and on Halloween.