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Confirmed: Chipotle and Five Guys Are Opening In Baxter

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The rumors are true… and I am SO HAPPY!  Two new restaurants are slated to open in Baxter in the coming months:  Five Guys (Burgers) and….drum roll please… MY FAVORITE:  CHIPOTLE!

I have spoken with the Baxter City Administrator, Brad Chapulis, and he confirmed that the two restaurants will be at opposite ends of a new building, identified on a permit as “Baxter Retail North Building” that is under construction in Baxter on Edgewood Drive in front of Gander Outdoors.  Brad told me the sign was up… but even with his word, I had to go scope it out… you know, get a visual to burn it into my brain!

And there it was!  PROOF!  “The restaurant that starts with the letter C” (as it was referred to before it was confirmed) is coming to Baxter.  My next move is to find out the opening date.  I will be there if I have to stand in line for 10 hours.  Mama loves her burrito bowls!  *Happy Dance*

And I will add:  Five Guys has awesome burgers!  Can’t wait to enjoy them both!  Cheers!