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Coats For Kids Piling Up At Brainerd’s Crystal Cleaners


Holy COW!  The coats are PILING UP at Crystal Cleaners as the 2020 COATS for KIDS drive is nearing it’s final collection date (Monday, October 19).

I used the past weekend to “practice what I a preach” and finally dug into my own closets for coats and other winter wear that I could donate to the drive.  I found a few and so decided to drive them over to Crystal Cleaners and Tailors on Washington Street in Brainerd during my lunch break today.

When I got there, I went in – mask on – and couldn’t help but see, right in the entryway, where donations were coming in – in droves.

Owner Sue Bricker met me at the door with a smile that I could “see” through her mask.  And although I usually hug that sweet woman, we knew it was not going to happen this time!  I showed her the items I had to donate and she instructed me where to place them.  Either into her arms, which is where the “clean and ready” coats went… or to the “needs to be cleaned” bag.  She showed me where to place my daughter’s “gently used” snow boots from last year which my daughter told me she “hopes (they) go to a little girl who really needs boots – these were good ones, mom.”

I talked to Sue for a bit and asked how the drive was going in her eyes… and she looked at me, paused, and said, “Tess, we have NEVER, EVER had this many NEW coats donated to this drive as we have this year.  NEW!  It’s amazing!”  She told me her crew was taking daily trips to the mall to drop off coats they are cleaning… she was VERY happy with all of it.

Sue allowed me to grab some photos off of the Crystal Cleaners Facebook page to share with you and as you can see…they are literally STACKING UP.  Coats, boots, hats… and she says more and more keep coming in every day.


Sue’s photos were taken at the distribution site at the Westgate Mall where they are being stored, sorted and will be ready to go to kids in need on Saturday, October 24th.

To those who are responsible for any part of these donations, THANK YOU SO MUCH!  If you have not had a chance to make you donations, please do by Monday, Oct. 19th.

Donations can be NEW or GENTLY USED:

  • Coats
  • Hats
  • Mittens
  • Snow Pants
  • Scarves
  • Any winter wear – and ANY SIZE…even adult sizes

Keep those donations coming, friends!  Let’s keep our kids warm this winter because goodness knows, they’ve had enough to deal with this year already.  Thank you!