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City Sells Naming Rights To Water Tower

Water Tower Naming Rights

Kris Lindahl buys the naming right rights to the historic Brainerd Water Tower

Kris Lindahl has purchased the naming rights to the historic Brainerd Water Tower in exchange for the necessary repairs and roof to save the structure.

Similar to the naming rights of the local hockey arena going to Essentia health a few years ago, the Water tower will be known as the Kris Lindahl Brainerd Water Tower for the next ten years.

A large banner will rap the upper bowl of the tower where the stucco has come loose, sealing the concrete and repairing the weathered damage. Along with the naming rights to the structure, his likeness will appear on the upper bowl of the tower with his iconic arms stretched out as if to give the classic community asset the hug it so richly deserves.

The Save the Water Tower Committee has been collecting contributions to save the structure for a few years. The 141 foot tall structure needs a new roof and other repairs in excess of 2.4 million dollars. Brainerd Mayor Dave Badeaux stated Thursday afternoon that he couldn’t comment on the details of the block buster deal yet, but did state the amount would be enough to “get started soon.” The Mayor continued saying, “The only thing I regret is that it isn’t my face going up there.”