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Changes To the Brainerd Parade On The 4th.


The Brainerd Mayor Dave Badeaux sent out an email this week highlightiing the information that people need to know when participating in the Brainerd 4th of july Parade.

Things are of course going to be interesting.  Without south 5th street in front of the high school the parade will not make a full loop.  This means that our staging is going to be a well choregraphed dance that will need help from you.

You will find a basic map of how the staging at the northern High School lot will go.  It’s fairly simple.  We will have everyone pull onto Oak Street from South 6th street.  As you approach the High School we will have our check in booth.

Parade Staging Map

Participants, please have the signed copy of your waiver with you.

Ashley and her staff will direct you where to pull in line.  Most floats will be in the performing Arts Parking lot.  Military and government services will mostly be set up 5th street, and a few others will join us in the Library parking lot.

What we need from you is to come prepared and grouped when you enter the staging area.  If you have multiple people with vehicles there are 80 or so slots in the lower football field parking lot with a walking path to get between the two location.  These spaces are to be used in a very specific manner as this is also where the parade will end.

Lower Lot Map

It’s fairly simple.  If you are a vehicle that does not need to pick up walkers or drop anyone off there will be a bypass lane that allows you to pull right out onto College drive and on your way.  If you do need to pause momentarily there will be two pit stop lanes to do so.  Note that I said Pit stop and not club house lanes.  Please use these quickly to get people on or off your float and on your way.

If you need to pause for longer we ask that you utilize the East parking lot at CLC.  This is also a great location for groups with larger trailers or a larger number of cars.  It will be very easily accessed at the end of the parade.

I know this is a LOT of info and we apologize.  Next year we will have a brand new parking lot with plenty of room to be both the starting and ending location.  This year we will just need to work together to keep things tight and moving at a slow STEADY pace.

Look forward to seeing you all on Monday.  I think you are really going to like what we have planned!

Check out the map below when considering where you want to set up to watch the Brainerd Parade this year. The one block between South 5th and South 4th on Laurel will be set aside for a siren free zone for those with hearing and sensory sensitivities.

Parade Route Map FB