For Many Working At Home Is Better

Now that more people have had a chance to telecommute from home, many don’t want to go back.  After the crisis is over, whenever that is, will everyone want to go back to the offrice? Nope.

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Brainerd School’s Video Honors The Class of 2020

All across the nation, High School stadium light have been coming on at 8:20 in the evening and staying lit for a mere 20 minutes to honor the Class of 2020. This time of year those lights would normally be lit night after night for spring sports that would be in full tilt.

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Locally Sourced Hand Sanitizer

If you have attempted to purchase hand sanitizer in the last month, you know it is impossible to find in stores. So it is great news when local businesses team up to bring a new solution to the problem. The two businesses are Jack Pine Brewing in Baxter, and the new Five Rocks Distilling Co. in Northeast Brainerd.

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