Buckle Up… 6-8 Inches Of Snow Expected Later This Week

Car Road Road Trip 12875
Photo by Chris Peeters from Pexels

I don’t know who to blame… Mother Nature? ‘Ol Man Winter? Al Gore… definitely Gore’s fault. Maybe a shared responsibility? Either way, it looks like at least another half-foot of snow could be coming to the BLA.

The National Weather Service increased the anticipated amount of snow for our area by 2-4 inches last night. I thought we were friends NWS… I really did. True friends don’t drop this news on people they care about. Friendship dead.

It appears another round of joy will be dispersed Wednesday evening into Thursday morning making it a swell commute for all. On the bright side, at least the kids will be able to play in it all weekend oh, -1 for the Friday high and 6 above with a nippy wind on Saturday. Spectacular!