Brooks & Dunn Show The Behind The Scenes Of ‘Brand New Man’ With Luke Combs

Screen Shot 2019 04 08 At 5.12.51 Pm
Credit: Brooks & Dunn/YouTube

Brooks & Dunn released a video of how they made the new version of ‘Brand New Man’ with Luke Combs in studio for the new ‘Reboot’ album.

The Brooks & Dunn ‘Reboot’ album came out last Friday (April 5th), and the lead song off the album is with Luke Combs for ‘Brand New Man’. To put it simply, it’s the best. Combs’ does a great job complimenting the legendary duo, which I don’t think many could do right now.

For a country music nerd like me, I can never get enough of these kinds of videos. The behind the scenes footage always fascinates me and I’ll jump at any opportunity I can get a peek at how a song is created in studio. 

I really hope there’s more of these videos for the rest of the songs on the album. Do yourself a favor if you haven’t listened to it yet. It’s incredibly well done.