Breaking: Hassies Sold Will Reopen As Longbranch Saloon


Hassies Saloon & Eatery is changing hands effective Wednesday, May 15th.

It was 2013… Craig Dunmire purchased a piece of property that had an oft open and shortly-thereafter closed history. It’s not haunted or jinxed… it just seemed to never get a business to stay in much longer than 2-3 years. Hassies was different. They had ups and downs, like any bar or restaurant has… but they made it work for over 6 years. It was a good run. It ends Wednesday.

Dunmire has sold the eatery to Matt and Lindsay Wedde. The husband/wife combo are looking to build the establishment up even more and continue the bar’s successful run. But it won’t be under the Hassies name…


The Longbranch Saloon, no doubt a nod to the famous watering-hole from the television show ‘Gunsmoke’.

The Wedde’s are no stranger to the restaurant and bar game as this is the 4th bar they have owned. They still own Whiskey Corner Saloon in Wadena.

Matt tells us they “cant wait to be in the Brainerd Lakes Area.” The Wedde’s state “we had visited Hassies in the past and heard it was for sale so we decided to go forward. Loved the atmosphere of the place. There is also a great staff in place that isn’t changing.”

Menu-wise, the Longbranch will be  going forward with the current menu for now, no huge changes in the near future. Matt adds they will be adding some smoked meats that are smoked on site.

Another positive, is the Wedde’s confirm that the delivery service will continue under their ownership as well.

Hassie’s last day open will be Tuesday. Wedde says they will be closed Wednesday and open as Longbranch Saloon on Thursday.

People with Bbay certificates to Hassies can use them at the restaurant thru Tuesday, May 14th. Afterward, any Hassies certificates can either be used at The Y Club in Garrison OR returned for Bbay credit.

Longbranch Saloon Bbay certificates will be available for purchase on Thursday.