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BREAKING: Brainerd City Hall On Fire

City Hall
Credit: Marlene Sutherland

Details are sketchy at this point, but there is a fire at Brainerd City Hall.

Please avoid that area so fire crews can do there work. Here’s some pics and video courtesy of Marlene Sutherland. Brainerd City Hall has been going through a remodeling project. No word on whether that was the cause. We will keep you posted.


The city of Brainerd Facebook page posted that everyone is safe and that there were 10 employees that were evacuated. The fire department was there within 4 minutes of receiving the call and the fire was contained within 10 minutes. 

“We received the call at 12:24 and we were on scene at 12:27,” said Fire Chief Tom Holmes. “The fire is located on the roof and appears to have been caused by construction efforts.”

“Thank you to our first responders for their rapid response. They definitely contained the situation and lessened the damage,” said Mayor Bedeaux. “We are just glad that everyone is safe. Buildings can be rebuilt. Lives matter.”