Brainerd Area News

Brainerd School’s Video Honors The Class of 2020


All across the nation, High School stadium light have been coming on at 8:20 in the evening and staying lit for a mere 20 minutes to honor the Class of 2020. This time of year those lights would normally be lit night after night for spring sports that would be in full tilt. With the looming pandemic those activities as well as all school and community events have been put on hold until further notice. Proms, tournaments, various academic and athletic opportunity and commencements all left in limbo.

A few weeks ago, an Administrator in Dumas, Texas had an idea to turn on the stadium lights in an effort to shine some light for others to see. He encouraged other schools to do the same. #BeTheLight was born.

Today, more than 250 high schools in MN alone have joined the cause. Brainerd High School is proud to be one of them. We choose to shine our light for the students and for our community. Although Don Adamson Field is empty today, it will no longer be dark. It is fitting that our light will shine in this place where so many of our students and community members come together.

For the Class of 2020 who have had their senior year of high school, and the many rites of passage that go with it, abruptly come to an end, this is a small token to try to find a place of light and hope. 

“Let this light be a source of strength for the challenges ahead. Let this light be a promise of our support for you. And finally, let this light be a symbol of hope for a brighter tomorrow. #BeTheLightMN “