Brainerd PD Warns Singles Looking To Mingle About Latest Scam

Photo by Andri from Pexels

The fine women and men of the Brainerd Police Department have come across a new dating scam that they have seen an increase in…

In a heart-shaped nutshell, here’s what to look out for:

  • Your new sweetheart claims they love you in a heartbeat
  • They say they live in the US but are working overseas
  • Ask that you use personal email or IM (Don’t slide into those DMs…)
  • Plan to visit you but they had a business deal go south or another traumatic event

What will your new heartthrob ask you to send money for:

  • travel
  • medical emergencies
  • hotel bills
  • hospital bills for a child or other relative
  • visas or other official documents
  • losses from a temporary financial setback

We often rush to the judgement of “how can someone be so short-sighted or not think things through”. The scammers often target a vulnerable or elderly person that is maybe needing and searching for companionship and someone in their life.

To sum it up, don’t send money to people you don’t know. Unless it’s me… Then send it over!