Brainerd Man Steals Vehicle, Leading To Lockdown Of St. Cloud Mall

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A 36 year-old Brainerd man was arrested in St. Cloud yesterday after allegedly stealing a truck, ultimately leading to authorities locking down Crossroads Mall.

St. Cloud police state they took a call saying that a man had driven off with a lawn care company’s truck and trailer from Northway Drive just after 3pm. While responding, officers found the vehicle and trailer driving and attempted to stop the driver. The suspect did not stop and led police through Waite Park and onto Division Street in St. Cloud.

Shortly before 4 o’clock Waite Park authorities located the stolen vehicle in the parking lot near the Crossroads Mall Food Court and witnessed the suspect enter the mall. Officers set up an exterior perimeter and then put the mall in lockdown.

Around 4:00 p.m. law enforcement found36-year-old Christopher Duffert inside Macy’s and arrested him.

Police say Duffert has several felony warrants for his arrest, he also faces charges of fleeing police and theft of a motor vehicle.