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Brainerd Fire Gets an Upgrade

brainerd fire tower 20

A brand new fire truck has arrived at the Brainerd Fire Department on Laurel Street this week.


Exactly one year ago the Brainerd Fire Department sold its ladder #1 at auction.

Check out the history of that truck in the attached story from June 5th of 2019.

Who Wants To Buy An Old Brainerd Fire Truck?

Since then Brainerd has been using the ladder #2 with it’s 75 foot stick, no platform. The sale of ladder #1 was in preparation for the purchase that arrived on Friday. Incidentally one year to the day that we announce the sale of ladder #1.

Introducing the newest Brainerd Fire Truck. The SPH100 Aerial Platform by Sutphen and Custom Fire Apparatus, Inc.

This is the third truck that Brainerd has purchased through Custom Fire Apparatus. In November of 2016 Engine #3 was acquired from Custom Fire and has been performing very well. More recently, the newest 2000 gallon tanker went into service February of 2018.

Unlike any of its predecessors, it has a mid-mount ladder on it. That offers some unique capability in the fact that they can drive up to a fire and operate more efficiently and safely.  The mid mounted tower provides better balance and weight distribution. The new tower is also one of the tallest in the state at 100 feet, a full 25 feet longer than the current Ladder #2 and somewhat longer than the old Ladder #1. In May, Duluth added a similar truck to it’s fleet to much fanfare.

Training begins immediately on the newest of the BFD fleet. 100 feet of extension at 80 degrees. One of the most impressive fire trucks in Central Minnesota.