Brainerd Eats: Third Brainerd Area Dairy Queen Taking Shape

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Business is starting to pick up at the old Kentucky Fried Chicken building in East Brainerd.

Plenty of hustle and bustle is going on at the future home of another Dairy Queen.


Fresh curbs, an all new exterior along with HVAC and electrical are all in the works.

With 2 other locations in the Lakes Area, this will be a welcome site for those of us that live on the east end of town. Unlike the Brainerd Dairy Queen next to the river on Washington Street,  Brd DQ #3 is going to be open year-round and offer all of the same options as the Westgate Mall does including cake decorating and specialty orders.


While the new cement is curing, there is no concrete date that the new Dairy Queen is expected to open.