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Brainerd Eats: Brainerd Burger King To Re-Open


A whopper of food news in the Brainerd area as of late… The latest, it appears as though Burger King in Brainerd will be re-opening.

Some demo happened late last week as the BK Playland was removed from the interior of the restaurant. That was followed by some interior and exterior work happening now.

In May of last year the Brainerd Burger King closed up and up until last week the space set vacant and un-maintained. There were 8 other Burger Kings in Minnesota that quickly closed around the same time last May. The Brainerd store and other 8 BKs were franchise-owned. In the past, Burger King corporate has been known to come back into a community with a corporate store or opened the franchise up to a new owner. There is no news on if either of those scenarios pertain this time around.

Signage outside the restaurant is soliciting staffing for the store, meaning more jobs for the Lakes Area!

I would have lost money wagering that the Brainerd BK would re-open so soon… Have to say though, I am eagerly anticipating the return of The King…