Brainerd Eats: Boomers Sold, Big Jay’s Is Unveiled & Dominos Opens Two New Locations

Pizza 1317699 1920
Image by marcos vega from Pixabay

When it comes to the Brainerd Lakes area the one constant through all the years has been pizza…

They’ve been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt, and erased again. But pizza places have marked the time.

A quick google search unofficially has a minimum of 14 pizza places within an approximately 15 minute radius of one another.

In recent weeks Dominos has expanded with locations in Nisswa and inside Walmart in the old McDonalds space. Not to mention Slice On Oak in the former Giovanni’s spot… Big Jay’s Pizza Arcade is now officially open at their location in downtown Brainerd…

And also this week from Boomer’s Pizza:

Then Ernies dropped this doughball:

That’s… um… a lotta pepperoni. Everyone has their favorite spots to get pizza, and different moods and budgets call for different choices. Choices a-plenty when it comes to pizza pie options in the area.

Hey kids, wanna grab a slice?