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Brainerd Area Well Represented In The Big City

Fractional Toys
Signing up to win Lakes Jam tickets from our friends at Fractional Toys.

The Brainerd Lakes Area was a major focal point at the Lake Home and Cabin Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The show ran Friday thru Sunday February 7-9th. Vendors from all of Minnesota’s “cabin country” converged on the Convention Center in Minneapolis for the three day exposition. Many of the communities were represented up north, but none more so than the Brainerd Area. The show attracts vendors from outstate to woo the dollars of Twin Cities vacationers to buy and build in their region. Nearly 50% of vendors that were filling the large convention hall came from the Brainerd region. 

Walking around the great hall we ran in to more people we knew this past Sunday in the cities, then we do at the grocery store or Costco here at home. There were numerous Realtors, banks, builders, boat dealers, dock sales, landscapers, and the vendors with patio windows and kitchen cabinets to weed rollers. The booths were some of the nicest displays I’ve seen. It was nice to see the quality representation of the area. 

Many of thee builders I talked to said that this event is important to them as it’s one of the ways that they can reach that segment of the people that frequent our area that are seasonal or occasional visitors. Names we know here in the area are not as familiar those that might be just beginning their venture of lake home ownership. So a show like this is a great way to introduce them to our contractors and more.

In the other convention halls this weekend the RV and campers were on display. Yet more lakes area businesses were front and center in that expo centered on camping life. Gander RV, Pleasureland RV, and Hilltop Campers had big displays.

Even businesses FROM the cities had a lakes area tilt to them. We found Fractional Toys had a contest for Lakes Jam tickets. Fractional Toys has membership options allow you to have all the fun that comes with owning your own recreational toys – at a fraction of the cost! Fractional Toys has four membership options for customers to choose from, giving clients the freedom to use a wide variety of recreational toys. They are based in Oakdale and Coon rapids but many of their clients bring the toys to the lakes area to play. 

The two events were all under one roof and it was nice to make a day of it between the two shows.