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Bobbies Kitchen – Lou’s Dairy Way Building Torn Down


The familiar restraunt on the Corner of South 6th and Vine is torn down. 

Bobbies Kitchen
Photo Couresty of Yelp.

The small local eatery on South 6th Street  closed for business amid the Covid closures in 2020 to never return. The building fell into disrepair and was torn down this week.

Many will remember it as the loation of Lou’s Dairy Way. It was a classic style drive in with the covered parking in the rear. It would be converted to a sit down diner in the late 80’s and was a regular stop for many of us that lived on the south side of Brainerd.

As of Wednesday afternoon not much of the building remained as the demo work was well underway.

Photo Courtesy of Google

Photo taken by Bill Satre 2022-09-28

“It was a regular meeting spot for my mom and I to have lunch. I would frequently run into the same people there (almost daily) and it seemed like the customers and crew became very close.” -Bill Satre

According to the history from Brainerd City Directories the location was first designated as Rau’s Dairy Way in 1959. It would become Lou’s Dairy Way for quite a while before finally becomeing Bobbies Kitchen started in 2005.