Blake Shelton Won’t Admit He Shaded ‘Old Town Road’ On New Song ‘Hell Right’

hell right
Credit: Youtube/Blake Shelton

He said he didn’t mean to, but don’t believe it. Shade was definitely thrown…

The lyrics speak for themselves:

“Then the girl from the small town
Took off the old town
Put on a little Hank junior (Thank God)
Hell right
She got all her rowdy friends coming over tonight”

Let’s be honest though, Shelton and Adkins are just the performers. They didn’t write the song, Michael Hardy, David Garcia and Brett Tyler penned the tune.

Hardy, who co-wrote Shelton’s latest #1 “God’s Country” says the mention of “Old Town Road” in that line was more a matter of timing- “It’s the song that they’re playing the crap out of, and it’s this new, fresh thing,” he explains, later sharing that the song was written in May. “But people are pissed.”

The criticism doesn’t bother Hardy. “In the room that day, we were like, ‘Hell yeah,’ and I’m still like, ‘Hell yeah… Whatever, dude, I don’t know, just get mad if you want, but I think it’s a cool line,” Hardy adds, “and I’m sticking to that, always.”

Here’s my beef. Shelton obviously had final call on any edits, none were made. I just want Shelton to be honest about it. When someone asked him “was the line referring to ‘Old Town Road’ meant to be a diss?” the correct answer should have been ‘Hell Right is was’.  Instead he denied it, actually , he didn’t… his ‘spokesperson’ did: “It’s absolutely not throwing any kind of shade at Lil Nas X at all. Blake says this literally has nothing to do with anything at all except how much the song is played,” said the spokesperson according to Variety. “It could have been ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ or any other [overplayed] song.”

The spokesperson also added, “Blake talked to Billy Ray, and he thought it was funny.” Sure Billy Ray thought it was funny. Anything to keep OTR in the news is more $$ for him, plus odds are good that Cyrus was riding a little Colorado high when Shelton reached out, if you know what I mean…

Nobody knows whether Shelton spoke to Lil Nas X about the song, but the rapper addressed the story on Twitter on Friday. He retweeted an article about the story, with a headline implying that Shelton “takes a shot at” his work in the new single.

Transparency and honesty is what I want here. I’m a Shelton fan, and I wanted Shelton to say what Hardy said… “Hell Right there was some shade thrown, Talked to Billy Ray and Lil Nas X, all in good fun. It was a great line and fit perfectly.” But unfortunately, all we heard was a denial from Blake’s spokesperson. Disappointing…